That Badu Mushroom Tea by Erykah Badu

That Badu Mushroom Tea by Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu teamed up with Cookies founder Berner in order to introduce her very own strain, “That Badu.” The music icon and entrepreneur describes this Limoncello crossbred from Mad Cow Genetics as an aromatic lemon fragrance that “just gets you through your day without feeling over-exposed”.

Cookie storefronts is hosting a launch for this collaboration, on International Women’s Day — March 8 — featuring Badu’s product line including ceramic bongs and rolling trays in blue-and white designs inspired from ancient Qinghua porcelains.

Black Magic Tea

Erykah BADU, the Grammy Award winning Neo Soul icon has ventured into cannabis. Recently, Erykah Badu collaborated with entrepreneur Berner on “The Badu,” the strain and tea collection named after her. Badu boasts its lemony flavour “reminds (her) of a Ballad.” Mad Cow Genetics grows this variety offering citrus notes with subtle lemon zest flavors.

Badu is available from California’s Cookies and Lemonnade in eighths and prerolls. It contains mushrooms tea and is perfect for moms seeking some downtime. This blend contains reshi, maitake and turkey tail mushrooms along with black tea and chamomile for maximum uplifting properties and relaxation.

Blue Badu Tea will rejuvenate your mother on Mother’s Day. It is an aromatic, decaffeinated tea that features soothing ingredients such as French lavender and chamomile to provide ultimate relaxation. This blend also contains reshi and Maitake mushrooms along with Turkey Tail and Shiitake mushroom complex, which have long been recognized as having calming effects on body and mind.

These gummies can be discreetly used by moms on-the-go. These gummies, which are packed with CBD, CBG and solventless extracts from high-grade Rosin for a relaxing effect that soothes sore muscle and mushroom coffee four sigmatic relieves aches in a fruity flavor, have dazzling packaging.

“That Badu”, offers a variety of lotions and creams that are designed to relieve soreness, ease pain, and use a combination of high dose CBD, CBG and lavender oil. Arnica extracts and aloe vera are also included as active ingredients. This first topical release from That Badu will surely reduce stress while helping restore natural balance within your body.

Blue Badu Tea

Badu has managed to remain true to her authentic self while managing to remain successful throughout her burgeoning career. Badu credits spiritual growth for her longevity. She has used music to lift women’s spirit and empower her fans.

Badu has carefully selected a range of herbal teas tinctures oils and lotions that are designed to empower women. Each product was carefully designed to deliver the therapeutic effects of herbs, while remaining safe and easy to use for modern women. Cannabis enhances the positive effects of these products, helping to balance central nervous systems while soothing the mind.

Teas contain a carefully crafted blend of herbs that includes Reshi (Reishi), Maitake, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex LMC), Turkey Tail Mushroom Complex LMC, organo gold black coffee amazon French Lavender (French Lavender), Egyptian Rose Petals. This herbal blend helps mothers recharge and relax. Tinctures in both gummy form and liquid form are available to allow for personalized dosage. While oils contain high concentrations CBD which can help reduce pain and swelling, topical lotions include high dose CBD as well as CBG, lavender, arnica, aloe and CBG.

Badu’s commitment in empowering women and promoting their rights can be seen throughout her home decor. She uses vintage and antique items in her decor. Her most recent purchase is a chaney-style bracelet made by local artist Mimi Smith. Chaney jewelry is made of fine china fragments collected along beaches and former plantations in St. Croix where Badu, her mother, and her ancestors all worked as slaves.

“That Badu’s new collection will be available just in the nick of time for Mother’s Day. This collection features their exclusive “That Badu”, strain developed with Berner in collaboration, as well teas tinctures oils hand-rolled tobacco and the Chaney wrist.

That Badu Technology Tea

Cookies’ first herbal non-psychoactive mushrooms tea is the Badu Technology Tea developed in partnership with Erykah Badu. This blend is a combination of vanilla-and-bergamot-flavored black leaves, decaffeinated so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. It’s also packed with 10mg CBG/5mg CBD for relaxation and stress reduction.

Badu’s aim for this collaboration is to empower and support women. Name and terpene profiles of this strain were inspired by Badu’s song “On & On,” and her desire for her fans to feel empowered. Ideal for morning rituals.

Badu is a well-known advocate of cannabis. She even has a brand named after her. She has also supported many cannabis-related charities, from doulas to obtaining a medical marijuana license in Texas.

In her YouTube video, she explains the benefits of That Badu for women and mothers in particular. She suggests that it is a strain that can help improve mood and concentration. She described its effect as uplifting but not heavy or sedated; adding that It makes for ideal nightly meditations or vision quests.

Cookies developed and nurtured the strain themselves in partnership, and its parentage includes Limoncello (or Lemonchello 28) crossed with Jet Fuel Gelato genetics for an indica hybrid strain with uplifting effects that results from its crossbreeding. Leafly states that the citrus flavors give it uplifting properties and the jet Fuel Gelato genes provide fruity notes.

Badu’s Apple Tree line stands out from other celebrity-backed cannabis brands because she offers more than just accessories; her Apple Tree collection contains edibles and flower from 8th packs to pre-rolls. In addition, she’s releasing a Mother’s Day special gift box with two types psilocybin infused tees (Ginger Magic & Earl Grey Creme), and functional flavors (Golden Focus & Bergamot Brain Boost).

Cookies’ flagship shop in Oakland will start carrying Badu Technology starting May 14 — just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Please visit our online store for more information.

Apparel – That Badu X Cookies SF

Erykah Badu has long been an outspoken champion of women’s rights. She’s partnering with Cookies cannabis, to launch That Badu – a premium range created with women in mind. It will debut on International Women’s Day, March 8, and mark Women’s History Month. A second round of items is set to debut around Mother’s Day. 14 May, the planned launch date, will mark the second wave.

Badu’s vision for her brand has been fully realized throughout the entire creation process, from research and testing through to packaging design. The purple and white motif, reminiscent ancient Chinese Qinghua pottery, can be seen on all products. For example, her porcelain tray to roll joints or Roberto Lugo’s vase shaped bong that she affectionately named the “Woman Vessel.” Together, they worked closely to create something that celebrates both the beauty and ritual associated cannabis use.

Badu, as part of their partnership with Cookies and Lemonnade in California will release their first cannabis variety: a cross-breed between Lemonchello Gelato x Jet Fuel Gelato. The strain can be purchased in eighths and prerolls beginning March 8, 2018. In addition, “That Badu” line products such as topical creams, edibles and non-psychoactive mushroom tea will also be made available through Cookies CBD and Badu World Market websites for online sales.

Berner and Badu’s partnership reflects the expanding links between music industry and cannabis world. As cannabis becomes mainstream, brands and musicians alike are turning to it as a way to elevate their craft and support wellness initiatives.

In her statement, Badu explained that it felt “very, very necessary” to create a cannabis line specifically designed with women in mind. “There is space for women to grow cannabis and I am excited to join the committee of supportive females on this journey.” The Badu X Cookies line is now available at selected Marni boutiques in the US and will be soon expanding internationally.

To find more information in regards to badu mushroom Tea have a look at our web page.

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