Reishi Longevity Capsules

Reishi Longevity capsules

Reishi (also known in China and coffee mushroom kit Japan by the names Lingzhi, and Mannetake), is regarded in Eastern medicine to be an excellent immune booster. This product promotes restful sleeping while reducing stress*.

Studies suggest that it may relieve chronic exhaustion by activating certain types of white blood cells which target abnormal, including cancerous, cells in your body.


Reishi mushroom is one of the world’s most beloved adaptogens – an agent which helps your body and mind adapt easily to health stressors. Reishi has been recognized for its ability support balanced blood glucose levels, healthy circulation and cardiovascular function, as well reduced stress, anxiety and better sleep quality.

Reishi mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, triterpenes and other substances that modulate the immune system. They increase natural killer cells activity while stimulating anti-neoplastic production of cytokines. Reishi mushroom extracts also may increase the activity of macrophages and B cells to boost immunity against cancer.

Mushrooms for health may seem an unlikely combination, but when extracted properly functional mushrooms can help support vitality, longevity and whole-body wellbeing. Unfortunately, however, most supplements sold on the market consist of mycelial mycelia rather than actual mushrooms themselves, with large amounts of grain fillers used as filler material resulting in less beneficial compounds being concentrated into final products than would be ideal.

The product should only contain premium ingredients and be certified safe. Look for products with an analysis certificate, health product number and adverse effect reporting system. These are indicators of high-quality supplements that are safe.

Reishi, which was traditionally used for maintaining a healthy body and hormone balance, is now used more often to relax and restore the body, and improve sleep. Recent research indicates Reishi could help alleviate insomnia symptoms, anxiety and seasonal allergies.

Reishi is a powerful immune modulator. It can protect bone marrow cells from radiation and chemotherapy damage, which helps protect the production of red and/or white blood cells.

Reishi has been shown to be beneficial for prostate health and urinary function. It can help treat conditions such benign prostatic hypoplasia(BPH), bladder problems and pelvic ache. It is known that it inhibits 5-alpha reductase and lowers urobilinogen.


Reishi mushroom supplements offer numerous health benefits, but finding high quality ones is key. Unfortunately, many products claim to contain mushrooms but do not. Instead, they contain mycelium from mycelial fungi that cannot easily be separated. They also contain starchy polysaccharides.

Check the label to see if they have a verified number of betaglucans. This shows that the extract is from the whole fruiting body and not just mycelium, or powdered mushroom stalks. It gives you peace of mind knowing that their longevity capsules actually contain reishi instead of empty calories.

Reishi capsules by Vital Nutrition can help to improve your immunity and general wellbeing. These organically-grown capsules contain high concentrations in triterpenes which help to reduce fatigue and increase energy. They are also certified organic and free of artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.

(Nammex | Penguin, sponsored)

This organically harvested mycelium reishi mushroom supplement from Nammex features maitake mushrooms and plant vitamins for maximum immune system support. They test their extracts for heavy metals, agricultural chemical and microbial contamination to ensure that they remain safe and effective.


Reishi is widely known as an adaptogen. It helps your mind and body adapt to health stresses. It promotes relaxation and wellness. It contains compounds that balance your hormones, improve digestion, boost energy, and even reduce anxiety.

Reishi has been shown to also reduce free radicals levels in scientific studies. This helps slow aging, and damage to tissues. It also increases the flow of bloodstream nitric oxygen, which dilates blood vessels to improve cardiovascular health. The dilation caused by reishi is even more effective.

Reishi mushrooms are anti-inflammatory and may help those with elevated blood pressure or cardiovascular problems. They also relieve fatigue, and treat insomnia.

Reishi may also be able to provide relief for those with prostate and urinary issues. Studies have shown their efficacy in reducing symptoms associated with benign prostate hyperplasia, structural bladder conditions and improving International Prostate Symptom Scores.

If you are curious about Reishi, make sure the company only offers premium quality supplements. Look for a supplement that has a health product regulatory number, accompanied by a certificate confirming its analysis.

Real Mushrooms uses a proprietary blend derived from organically grown or wildcrafted reishi mushrooms fruiting bodies in China’s mountains. This fungus is packed with potency and offers many benefits.

Side Effects

Reishi has been widely recognized for its healing and restorative health benefits. These include boosting immunity, balancing the hormones, increasing energy and sleep, and protecting against cancers. If you have any type of concerns pertaining to where and how you can use simply click the following page, you could call us at the web-page. Reishi also increases blood flow, while decreasing cholesterol levels.

Scientists attribute Reishi’s immune boosting benefits to its betaglucan content. Beta-glucans are polysaccharides which stimulate innate immunity by binding to and activating phagocytic cells, modulating cytokine production/release by macrophages/NKCs/neutrophils etc – this process is known as biological Response Modifier activity.

Reishi mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicines to improve heart health, calm the brain and reduce anxiety. Reishi mushroom can be used for allergies, respiratory conditions and bronchitis. It may also lower blood pressure in people who are taking medications for this condition or need herbal supplements. It can also help manage stress symptoms.

Reishi can offer many additional health benefits in addition to immune-enhancing properties, including helping with insomnia and depression. Its anti-inflammatory properties may reduce inflammation and lower anxiety levels; additionally, reishi may help regulate cholesterol and triglycerides – making it an excellent addition for those with cardiovascular issues.

Mushroom supplements are generally safe to use, but as with any new dietary product, it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider before starting. In rare instances reishi supplements may cause side effects including mouth dryness, stomach upset and diarrhea – should this occur it should be discontinued immediately and your healthcare provider contacted.

As chronic fatigue affects so many, selecting a high-quality reishi mushroom supplement is of utmost importance. Many products claim to have it, but in reality they only contain mycelium that is grown on grains such as rice and oats. This residual grain dilutes the beta-glucan potency of active components like beta-glucans. ConsumerLab and Nature both found that 74% were unauthentic reishi products.

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